Plug-&-Play? No, with the Yamaha UMX AC it’s Plug-&-Work! With its large rear cargo bed and spacious front locker, this quietly efficient all-electric workhorse can handle a huge range of tasks, indoors or out. The UMX AC is emission-free of course, as well as being very easy to drive and operate.

At its heart is a punchy 5.0 kW motor that‘s not just quieter and better for the environment, but has a good range and is simple to plug in and charge. So it delivers smooth, flexible power that’ll take you just about anywhere in a park, resort, golf course, farm, airport, factory … just point and go.

The two ergonomically designed individual seats and variable rate suspension system give a high standard of rider comfort, making this quiet, smooth, comfortable light utility vehicle a real pleasure to work with – and it’s ready to work hard for you, almost silently, 24/7.