60 tons per hour performance, 17-metre throwing power and extra-wide (72cms) clearance footprint – and these are just its headline advantages. With its smooth, quiet 4-stroke engine, new Silent Body design and updated, feature-packed specification, our latest YS1070T is the perfect choice for large clearing jobs.

Technical and aesthetic advances have been made for our premium model, so beauty is more than skin deep on this capable machine. The electro-magnetic auger clutch and smooth hydrostatic transmission – with single-lever control – and ECU-controlled Electric Track Turning system make it a breeze to operate, even in tight spots.

The YS1070T is friendly too – to you and your neighbours. The upgraded, Silent Body design, insulated engine enclosure and large muffler ensure quiet operation that makes snow-clearing a more relaxing and enjoyable job than ever before. What’s more, it’s heated up and ready to start work within around 90 seconds even on a cold morning.